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One of at least two,
1642 'Slave Galleys',
are found off Sitges Coast

Want to know when Diving 'takes off' in Sitges?


This info needs clarified / not least, the exact names of galleons involved & precise outcome

War of the Reapers : Battle of Barcelona - Naval Combat

Monday, June 30, 1642

Tuesday, July 1, 1642

Discovery of the treasure of Sitges

13 to 15 October 1649 (info to follow)

Sitges was attacked by the Spaniards by land and sea, from 13 to 15 October 1649.
27 boats and 11 galleys bombarded the town in a battle that lasted 48 hours.

Siege villa in 1649 (info to follow)

2015 Efforts

Pedro Izquierdo : President Museums Board of Catalonia
Ramon Llinas, Joaquín Torres and Francesc Xavier Menendez : Executive committee

  1. Locating the fire ships, known as sea "black stone" that sunk in 1642
  2. 5 dives at different points and within caves 'Pepper Congo' and 'Falconera'
  3. Creating a topographic & magnetic map of seabed between the Puig de Sitges & Terramar. Using sophisticated magnetic detection techniques applied by archeology expert André directed by Lorin (over two weeks)

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